October 29, 2019

La Crosse Tribune

Wisconsin still lags in venture capital despite investments tripling over past 5 years

The amount of venture capital invested in Wisconsin companies has more than tripled during the past five years, but the state still lags behind its Midwestern neighbors. [...]

October 28, 2019


Venture Investors Bets on Healthcare, and Milwaukee, With $75M Fund

Xconomy Wisconsin — Venture Investors is going all-in on healthcare with its latest venture fund. [...]

October 25, 2019

Business Insider

SoftBank could have just walked away from WeWork and its $9 billion investment. Business experts explain why it didn’t.

SoftBank’s decision this week to double down on its investment in WeWork is a risky strategy. [...]

October 23, 2019

Information Management

Enterprise AI adoption is a marathon, not a sprint

The artificial intelligence arms race is on. AI has the potential to improve major portions of our lives and work. Everything from medical diagnosis to product recommendations to automated market research is ripe for disruption. [...]

October 22, 2019

Business Insider

SoftBank likely had the Vision Fund on its mind when it decided to rescue WeWork

SoftBank may really think it can turn WeWork around. But it almost certainly was also motivated by trying to protect its Vision Fund, experts say. [...]

October 12, 2019

Business Insider

The WeWork fiasco is making employees wonder if their shares have been set on fire. We talked to experts who said most tech startup workers are in the dark about how much their equity is worth.

WeWork has indefinitely postponed its IPO, and according to media reports may run out of cash by next month. [...]

October 4, 2019

Inside Big Data

Is Your Legacy Industry About to be Disrupted?

Twenty years ago, most tech entrepreneurs hoping to disrupt entire industries fit a certain profile: a little bit nerdy, highly clever and incredibly technical. To make their magic happen, they had to be intimately familiar with the fundamentals of computer [...]